Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SMC Meet-up does Alpharetta

Today I went to the Social Media for PR professionals lunch that Sherry Heyl organized through Meetup.com. Thanks for organizing it! Grayson Daughters led an interesting discussion, but I think some of the folks there needed a 101 lesson in the tools that were discussed before they could even think of applying them to their client work. I came away with some ideas and things I'll use in my personal and professional lives, such as blog commenting and tagging. No more blurking for me!

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Julie Squires said...

Sandi, hi.

It was great meeting you yesterday. Amber Rea, a founder of the Georgia Podcast Network http://www.gapodcastnetwork.com/, says social media is 50% online, 50% offline; yesterday was a good example. See you next month!