Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhones and Email Marketing

I took a quick walk over to the Apple Store at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta today to check out the scene before the iPhone launch. At 1 p.m. there were upwards of 185 people there – and it was growing by the minute. I just purchased a new phone (a Moto Q) a few weeks ago and have no plans to switch to AT&T. So I was merely there to gawk at the crazies who were at the mall before dawn to be the first in line.

At 11:51 a.m. today I got an email from Apple announcing the iPhone (see the picture at right). This week I've been talking with a colleague about email marketing, specifically viewing messages on PDAs. When I tried to view the same message on my Q, it came through as a garbled mess. (I'll try to post a photo of that.) For all the talk about how important email marketing is, we had trouble finding best practices on viewing emails on a mobile platform. I am anxious to see how HTML emails are rendered on an iPhone. It struck me as funny though that I couldn't use my Moto Q (a Windows Mobile Device) to read an email promoting the arrival of the iPhone. I guess Apple hasn't figured out how to send text-based emails.

This segues into what my next post will be about – email marketing and reaching those who read their messages in platforms other than the web and Outlook.

UPDATE: I've added the photo of how Apple's lovely HTML email became garbled on my phone. How/where do you read your email?


Anonymous said...

Got to the Perimeter AT&T Store @ about 4:30 (I work in advertising, my boss totally understands). I was probably #45 in line or so. Walked out with my iPhone at 6:45.

It sure beats the time my brother & I stood in line for Paul McCartney tickets at Turtles in 1990 at 7AM on a Saturday and didn't get any.

Now waiting for it to switch my Verizon account...there's always a snag, isn't there?

Sandi K. Solow said...

Hi Dan!

Congratulations on your new phone! (I write that as if I am talking to a new father.) Can you do anything with the phone in the meantime, before your account is ported over?

Ah, the days of Turtles and camping out for concert tickets.

Enjoy the phone. I'll look forward to hearing about it.

Anonymous said...

I am now commenting from the phone. Sweet!