Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Full or Cluttered?

Seth Godin’s column today touches on what I call clutter. He uses the term “full.” His posting is an interesting take on how repetition of a message can pay off. While I think the marketplace is cluttered and only the relevant content finds its way to an audience, Godin believes consumers are full until they’re ready to listen. Toe-may-toe or to-mah-toe?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading, Sandy

I actually think they are pretty different analyses.

In my case, I'm saying that even if you're the only choice, the only product in a category, you're invisible until the consumer decides she has a problem (quick, name three brands of prosthetic arms! You can't. I hope you never can. But if you needed one, you could).

Clutter is noise, pure and simple, noise that makes it hard to find a coffee shop in Times Square, even if you're looking.