Monday, May 14, 2007

Give BearingPoint a Mulligan

I like Darren Rovell’s post today about the relevance of BearingPoint’s logo on Phil Mickelson’s visor. Well, maybe I should say “logic” instead of “relevance.” Having worked in marketing in the professional services space, I know that those products are really a relationship-based sell and not so much advertising driven. After reading in Rovell’s post the lack of awareness among golf fans for BearingPoint’s services, I thought, “duh.” Whoever made the decision at BearingPoint to make this buy must be a rabid golf junkie – or very interested in pleasing a superior who is.

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Unknown said...

Brand awarness can be as important to a business to business company as it is to a consumer one. BearingPoint is probably getting a pretty good bang for their buck here. All golf enthauastics and many casual viewers know who Phil Nickelson is. BearingPoint's sponsorship costs a lot less than Accenture's sponsorship of Tiger Woods. Just because most of us don't purchase their services, a lot of business leaders do and there are a lot of brands out there. Brand recognition can mean the difference between getting in the door and not being asked to bid.

Richard Ellis