Friday, December 21, 2007

25th Georgia Blog Carnival

Welcome to the 25th installment of the Carnival! Consider this a virtual tour through the Georgia Blogosphere.

With the help from Elementary History Teacher, this installment hits the interweb just ahead of the Christmas and New Year's holidays.  As such, this carnival has a bit of a holiday flair to it.

The Georgia Carnival will be returning home to Georgia on My Mind for the 26th carnival on January 4th.  Submissions can be sent to or use the blog carnival submission form here.

In the meantime, grab a blanket (it's cold out there) and bundle up for an entertaining trip through the 'sphere with our fellow Peach State bloggers. (As a holiday bonus, I won't even charge admission.)


Follow along with several blog postings as Maria Peagler creates a red and black contemporary quilt for the third generation of family members attending UGA.

Who needs Comcast when you can have iTunes? The Satellite TV Guru has an answer for that one.

Paw Paw Bill takes a look at The Mitchell Report and wishes someone would Say It Ain't So 

Holiday Spirit

Lowe’s is selling “Holiday” trees? Brian Bowen has a rant on that!

Patchwork Reflections tells about the moving speech Truett Cathy, the King of the Chicken Sandwich, gave at her company’s Christmas luncheon.

Charles Wooton takes us on a shopping trip down Broughton St. for with a pre-holiday hispter wanna-be view of the experience.

Pastor Bill asks, "Do you have a manager set up in your home or on your front lawn? Often we look into those manger scenes and observe what appears to be a tranquil and placid event. We call it a "Silent Night". But it was anything but silent. It was a REVOLUTION!"

Political Soapbox

Jace Walden reflects on Ron Paul's comments on fascism

North High Shoals is the ground zero of political discontent in largely Republican Oconee County, where three Democrats are elected on a non-partisan municipal town council and local color has begun to freak out about it. Oconee Democrat has something to say about that!

Mike Huckabee?!  That's what Jason Pye asks Neal Boortz in an open letter questioning the radio host's endorsement of the GOP candidate.

If this isn't pointing a finger then maybe it's just a one finger salute? John Heneghan documents the lack of coordination between the DeKalb County School System and the DeKalb County Government over a needed intersection improvement.

Book Nook

Here are Santa Yoda's reading suggestions for the holiday season.

Badassbard wonders why more people don't read. He wishes us all a more literate year.

John chats up John Joseph Adams, slush editor with The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF), over at Grasping for the Wind.

St. John Flynn reviews Tea with Sister Anna: A Paris Journal by Rome, Ga., artist Susan Gilbert Harvey.

With one foot in the Guttenberg Graveyard, Paw Paw Bill takes a look at's latest offering.

aTypical Joe gives us his take on writing.

Elementary History Teacher, the aforementioned Carnival poobah, we have the following entries:

History Lessons

You Know Who isn’t the only person with a December 25 birthday. Here’s one more for the list.

Reminder: Wikipedia isn’t to be a one-stop shop for historical info. Thanks to the Wren’s Nest for an example of why this is so.

Concession Stand

Missing: Pimento Cheese from The Vortex. A perplexed Dave Coustan would love to hear from others who feel the same way about the absence of this delectable item.

The Blissful Glutton with notes from the Atlanta restaurant scene.

Fun House

Tiffany Colter talks about leaving the information age in our cluttered world. (A topic near and dear to my heart.)

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elementary historyteacher said...

Sandi, thank you so much for a wonderful job. I can't wait to get a few minutes so I can read through all of the great submissions.

Everyone who has hosted and everyone who participates has helped to make my dream of a viable Georgia Blog Carnival a reality.

Many, many thanks!

John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...

Thanks for the link. You did a great job.

Mary Emma Allen said...

I discovered this carnival through Google Alerts and thoroughly enjoyed it. I live in NH but visit Georgia and have some wonderful friends there. Also, Great, Great Uncle George is buried in Marietta. (Yes, he was a Union soldier.) I also have taught writing workshops in Georgia.

Is there any way I can get on mailing list so I know when you're doing Carnivals? This is such a neat idea. My co-blogger and I run carnivals on our Alzheimer's Notes blog, and I just wrote about the enjoyment of participating in them at my Home Biz Notes blog.

Sandi K. Solow said...

Hi Mary Emma --

Thanks for stopping by. For updates on the next Georgia Blog Carnoval, stop by . Elementary History Teacher, who manages that blog, is the emcee of this shindig and can keep you in the loop. Or subscribe to her feed for updates.


Anonymous said...

You have done a mighty fine job by providing apropos descriptions and a jaunty style. Kudos!

Cotter Pen said...

Thank you for your work on the carnival. I am trying to improve my computer skills. Maybe before long I can host. Meanwhile, thank you for including me in this one.

Anonymous said...

Acropolis Review should be included for its coverage of Georgia's role in national and world politics.

Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

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Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

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